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Legal notice

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By sending in material for publication you grant an unrestricted license Hakkers example (including the right to publish the material in all publications of Hakkers BV and that material not to post or to shorten it), then without any compensation due.

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The information on this site is intended for general information. The information is not intended to replace any advice. If you are without verification or further advice on using the information provided, you do so at their own expense and risk.
Despite the fact that Hakkers eg observe care in compiling and maintaining this website and use sources that are considered reliable, for example, Hakkers can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information.
Eg hackers manages and maintains this website from the Netherlands and makes no representation that the information provided is suitable for use in or from other countries. Eg hackers can not guarantee that the website functions without error or interruption. Use of this website that (i) the use of disturbing other visitors, (ii) the operation of this website may jeopardize or (iii) the information provided or the underlying software can affect, is not allowed.

Third party information, products and services
On its website, whether through hyperlinks, to information, products and services provided by third parties. Such information has not been judged by hackers such as fairness, accuracy, completeness or timeliness. Eg hackers disclaims any liability with regard specifically to the hand. If you without verification or further advice using the information and services from third parties, you do so at their own expense and risk.

Online communication
Messages that you send to Hakkers eg by e-mail can be intercepted or otherwise manipulated. Eg hackers advises you not to send confidential or sensitive information by e-mail to hackers to send example. If you choose to send messages to Hakkers eg by e-mail, you accept the risk that these messages are intercepted or otherwise manipulated by one third.

Exclusion of Liability
Eg hackers accepts no liability in respect of this website. Among others accept Hakkers eg no responsibility regarding (i) defects, viruses or other imperfections caused by access or use of this website, (ii) the information provided on or via this website is made available, (iii) interception, modification or misuse of information via the website or by e-mail to Hakkers for example, or transmitted to you, (iv) loss of data, (v) downloading or use of any software made available through this website states, or (vi) claims of third parties in connection with the use of this website.
The exclusion of liability extends to directors and employees of such Hakkers

Applicable law
This website and all information published on this website (including this disclaimer) are essentially aimed at the Dutch public and Dutch law. The Dutch court has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in connection with this website and the information published.

Hakkers bv reserves the right to change the information on this website (including this disclaimer) at any time without giving any further notice. It is recommended to regularly consult this disclaimer, so you of any changes to the information provided.

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